Dinner’s ready! Huge schools of sardine’s attract hungry sharks

A huge school of sardines attracted some hungry customers when they made their way across the ocean to their mating grounds.

South Africa’s ‘sardine run’ occurs annually from May to July when billions of sardines move northwards along the east coast of South Africa to their spawning grounds.

PIC FROM David Robinson / Caters News

This movement is one of the largest on the planet and attracts many predators including many species of sharks, whales and birds that follow the run to feed on the sardines.

The images were captured by photographer, David Robinson, a marine Biologist from York, who has been taking underwater photographs as part of a research project and personal use for over ten years.

PIC FROM David Robinson / Caters News

He said: “The bait ball attracted large numbers of sharks and dolphins that worked together to keep the bait ball at the surface.

“The common dolphins worked the bait ball from the bottom and the sharks controlled it from the sides and both sharks and dolphins took turns to lunge through the bait ball and snatch as many fish as they could.

PIC FROM David Robinson / Caters News

“Four species of shark joined the feast: dusky sharks, spinner sharks, blacktip sharks and bronze whaler sharks.

“Both sharks and dolphins were oblivious to the divers in the water and continued feeding around us for some time while we enjoyed the show.

PIC FROM David Robinson / Caters News

“The experience is a testament to the intelligence and awareness of these animals; four different species of sharks and the common dolphins working together to the benefit of all.”