Didn’t spot you there! Perfectly-timed photo captures scaredy-dog dalmatian’s terror

This perfectly-timed photo captures the moment a scaredy-dog Dalmatian was left terrified when his friend snuck up on him.

Petrified pup Rocco is frightened of plastic bags, bicycles, flies and even plates – much to the hilarity of owner Adrian Pharoah, 44.

Pic by Adrian Pharoah/Caters News

The 10-month-old Dalmatian was out for a walk in his hometown of Esher, Surrey, last week when his Labrador cross friend Teddy took him by surprise during playtime.

The hilarious resulting image has since gone viral on social media with hundreds of animal-lovers enjoying Rocco’s adorably alarmed expression.

Finance worker Adrian, who has owned Rocco since he was two months old, said: “When I saw the photo I wasn’t surprised, because Rocco is scared of everything

“Rocco was out for a dog walk with a dog walker and Teddy was part of the same group.

“The dog walker was trying to get a photo of him and Teddy came up behind him and gave him a bit of a shock.

Pic by Adrian Pharoah/Caters News

“He jumped, it’s such a perfectly-timed photo. It’s brilliant and everyone who has seen it has thought it was amazing.

“Luckily Teddy and Rocco are friends in real life, they’ve been for walks together before.”

Adrian admitted the skittish pooch is even afraid of other dogs when they come in non-animal form.

The 44-year-old added: “Rocco does get scared quite easily.

“We have a saucer with a picture of a Dalmatian on it and he is terrified of that, he runs away if you show it to him.

“He’s also scared of bin bags, plastic bags, lawnmowers, flies, bicycles,

“He’s just a pup, so he’s still finding his way. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it, he is starting to find his feet a bit more now.”