Devoted Couple Postpone Wedding After Spending Over £30k On Disabled Sheep – Who Even Sleeps In Their Bed 

A couple have postponed their wedding after spending over £30K on a disabled sheep – and they even allow him to sleep in their bed.

Kristin Harkness, 33 and Jay Yonz, 35, adopted their pet sheep, Moko, last year, after they finished travelling the US with their giant micro-pig, Ziggy, and looked to settle down.

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Moko was declared disabled shortly after birth as he wasn’t able to use his hooves and relied on four prosthetic limbs in a bid to walk.

The animal-mad pair knew that caring for Moko would be a constant and expensive task, but were determined to save him from an almost certain death as livestock after spotting him at a local farm.

The couple have spent £31,000 [$40,000] so far on vet bills and specially adapted prosthetics for Moko and no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

Doting owner, Kristin,  from North Carolina, US, said: “Moko is very much requiring 24/7 care, and we’re always with him.

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“His care has cost us so much money in the past 12 months that we haven’t had chance to start planning our wedding.

“We’ve had baths with him and he even sleeps in our bed – anything we can do to make him feel comfortable.

“Moko has prosthetics but he still struggles to walk on them so we often carry him around.

“To us, he’s so beautiful and so happy that we don’t mind waking up to his gorgeous face each morning when he sleeps in our bed.”

Kristin and Jay made the decison to spend £31k [$40,000] on Moko to give him a better quality of life, rather than go ahead with their wedding.

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This paid for his vet bills and custom prosthetics to make sure the sheep was comfortable.

The pair – who are completely vegan – haven’t stopped at caring for Moko, and now own a animal refuge, owning over 62 disabled animals after rescuing them from various meat farms across the US.

Jay said: “We’ve pushed back our wedding after spending so much on Moko but I just feel blessed that we have so many amazing pets.

“We’re currently caring for four sheep, seven goats, eight horses, one donkey, three cows, 33 pigs, two ducks, three chickens, one dog and two cats.”

Ziggy – the couples overgrown micro-pig – has made his mark on more of the USA than most humans – as he travelled the length of the country in his owner’s minivan and firmly established his position in the family by becoming a viral sensation, having over 9,000 followers on social media.

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Kristin, who now looks after the animals full time alongside fiancee Jay, said, “We stopped travelling after we did all of the US – yet it was obvious, Ziggy loved to travel and meeting new people.

“We’ve somehow ended up with 62 rescued animals, all a variety of farm animals with disabilities, and we’re providing them with permanent residences and constant companionship.

“I love waking up to Moko’s face every day and enjoy how busy our lives are with the animals.”