Deer-nosaur – Antelope covered in birds 

By Jamie Smith 


Afjal Khan/Caters News

The myna birds sitting along the heads and spines of these nilgai makes the large species of antelope look like it has stegosaurus spines.

The nilgai appear relaxed at the dozens of birds sitting on them.

Myna help to clear ticks and other parasites from the mammals’ skins.

Afjal Khan/Caters News

The scene was captured by Afjal Khan, 32, a Wildwalks tour operator in Bharatpur, India.

Afjal said: “It is a perfect example of the symbiotic relationships in nature for me.

“It’s one of the favourite things I have every photographed. It also gives me an opportunity to study the animals and learn how they benefit from each other.

Afjal Khan/Caters News

“Whenever I see such a scene I always admire how helpful animals can be for each other and I like to think humans can do the same thing.”