Daring baby goat takes 14000ft leap of faith 

Marina Scarr/Caters News

This brave baby goat takes a leap of faith over its mother at over 14,000ft.

Nature Photographer, Marina Scarr, took this phenomenal shot on the peak of Mt Evans in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Scaling the huge boulders is no easy feat for goat, or human, as Marina points out.

She said: “The weather can be extreme even in summer and the winding road to reach the peak treacherous.

Marina Scarr/Caters News 

“The Mountain Goats are the masters of cliff climbing. Their suction cup-like hooves help them to navigate the mountainous terrain with agility.

“Watching them learn to jump from rock to rock when they are kids is exciting.

Marina Scarr/Caters News

“That experience will forever be engraved in my memory.”

While these fluffy goats may be cute, it just goes to show they’re by no means fearful.

They’re also not considered ‘True Goats’ –  Mountain Goats are actually part of the Caprinae (goat antelopes) subfamily.

With a double coat and powerful legs, they’re perfectly suited to their mountainous habitat, where they like to feast on a wide range of foods, from grass to conifer needles.

The life of a mountain goat isn’t an easy one. In the wild they face many dangers, including avalanches, rocks falls and malnutrition.

In the wild, Mountain Goats can live for up to 15 years, but in Zoos that figure goes to 20 years.

Marina Scarr/Caters News

Thanks to this animal’s ability to thrive in such desolate environments Mountain Goat numbers are high and their conservation status is listed as ‘Least Concern’.