Daredevil photographer risks life to take extreme closeups with tiger sharks

A daredevil photographer risked his life to take these extreme close ups with tiger sharks – after swimming with them for months to gain their trust.

Shawn Murphy / Caters News

Chef and professional shark diver Shawn Murphy, 25, was not in a cage when he captured these incredible images of tiger sharks and lemon sharks off the coast of West End in the Bahamas.

His close-ups of the inside of the sharks’ mouths even reveal their remora fish pals – smaller fish who clean the inside of the predators’ mouths.

While lemon sharks are not considered to represent a large threat to humans, tiger sharks are regarded as one of the most dangerous shark species due to the relative frequency of fatal human attacks.

Shawn Murphy / Caters News

Photographer of one year Shawn, from Haverhill, Massachusetts, said: “I had to spend a great deal of time under the water with these tiger sharks to gain their trust and allow me to get so close without any shark cages being used.

“Similarly, I had to be extremely patient to get friendly enough with this particular lemon shark for him to allow me to get so close where I was able to get these shots.

“In the photo of the shark opening up his mouth all the way, I got so close I could photograph the small remora fish, a fish that cleans the inside of the shark’s mouth.

Shawn Murphy / Caters News

“A macro  lens was used get the extreme close up shot of the sharks eye.

“I was very happy to be able to have this experience with this shark and for him to let me get so close to capture these amazing images.”