Dancing on ice! Polar bears captured waltzing across the snow in amazing images

A pair of polar bears were captured dancing across the ice as they held each other in a warm embrace.

The images, taken by 48-year-old Eiji Itoyama, from Japan, shows the gracious creatures at they play fight against the backdrop of the sunset but a split second pictures appears to show them both standing up right in what looks like a ballroom hold.


The married father-of-two said: “I got on the boat at the bay and it took just five minutes to reach the area where the bears can be seen.

“Several bears were already up there and some bears were exercising, that’s when I saw two male polar bears approaching each other.

“I quickly noticed them start play fighting and it lasted about half an hour. I think it was a friendly one and not a serious fight.


“It rather looked like a kind of morning greeting.”

Eiji, who started wildlife photography in December last year, took the images in Kaktovik, Alaska, back in October, and was lucky enough to see around 15 bears while on his journey.

He said: “I stayed there for five days although it was cloudy most of the times.

“But, there was plenty of colours across the sky during the morning and evening.


“Once you have the sun light up there, the light gives gorgeous colours.

“The light blue ocean and pink cloud sandwiched the two white polar bears, which I though was so beautiful.”