Cuteness overload: Inquisitive hyena cubs bite cars 

A group of adorable hyenas cubs turns cheeky when they take to biting car tyres as they drive through a national park.

The strange behavior was captured on video by Catherine van Eyk and Matthew McCreesh, both 27, from Johannesburg, South Africa, at the Kruger National Park, in October this year.

Pic by Catherine Van Eyk/Caters News

The pair, who are keen amateur photographers, were driving along the road when they spotted the cubs not far from their den.

Catherine said: “They are often seen on this road.

“Every morning they showed interest in the cars but this particular morning this continued for about half an hour, although the cubs would only come out of the den when the cars were quiet and patient.

“If cars drove past quickly they would scuttle back into the den.

Pic by Catherine Van Eyk/Caters News

“They were not holding up traffic because they would run and hide when a new car arrived if making noise, when the cars switched off their engines and waited patiently they would come out again.

“The car build up was more because they visitors wanted to wait to see them. ”

The cubs can be seen licking the water on the cars and chewing the tyres before going back into their underground dens.

Catherine said: “It was very cute to watch although when they started to chew on our tires, it was not so cute anymore.

“Although they were still cubs, Hyena’s have the strongest bite force in relation to their size out of all African animals.

“So we were a little nervous when they started chewing.”