Cute sausage dog bruno is a sucker for the cleaning

By Charlotte Regan

Adorable sausage dog Bruno loves helping out with the cleaning – and taking a little ride while he’s at it.

His owners caught this cute footage of the two-year-old pooch after he hopped onto their robo-vacuum and decided to take joyride while pup Jacob looks on.

Pics from Caters News

Oliver Reid, Bruno’s owner says that he’s always had a fascination with the vacuum and loves to climb aboard.

Oliver said: “The dog riding the robo vac is called Bruno and the dog on the sofa is Jacob. We have had them since they were 8 weeks old!

“They have always been very curious to it. We all thought it was so cute! It made us laugh too.

Pics from Caters News

“Bruno seems to have a fascination with the hoover. Always watching it and trying to stand on it!

“He hops on and hops off but we do have to tell him to get off sometimes as the hoover can clean properly.”