Cubby Love! Adorable Shots Show Baby Polar Bears Leaving Den With Mum For First Time

Photographers in Canada spend mid-March going on a bear hunt – as it’s the first time mother polar bears head out of their dens with their cubs.

And these adorable shots make it seem like the adventure was all a bit much for the cubs, as they instead wanted to cuddle their mum instead of exploring their new surroundings.

Pic by VInce Burton/Caters News

Vince Burton, a wannabe wildlife photographer from Norfolk, was lucky enough to grab these heartwarming shots of a mum and her two cubs leaving their den.

The shy bears appear to be using their mother as a climbing frame before settling in between her paws for a break.

Vince said, “The cubs are very young and therefore have to stop and rest often.

Pic by VInce Burton/Caters News

The mother keeps them warm and protects them during these rest periods and at times the cubs wake to suckle, then often follows a spell of playing, before they fall back to sleep again.

“It was such a privilege to witness this behaviour and be so close to such an amazing animal.

“It will truly be devastating if we continue on our current path of destroying the planet and these along with other beautiful creatures go extinct in the wild during my lifetime.”