Croc out of nowhere!

PIC BY Alf Drosdziok / CATERS NEWS

A photographer caught the amazing moment a crocodile catches his meal of the day!

Alf Drosdziok, 66, from Cologne, Germany, took the series of images at the Samburu Reserve, in Kenya.

Alf said: “A vulture, with wide wings, flew in and began to land in the riverbed.

“I suspected that the vulture wanted to drink at one of the remaining water holes and so I brought my camera into action.

PIC BY Alf Drosdziok / CATERS NEWS

“I got two pictures of the bird drinking, which was supposed to be a beautiful motif.

“Then suddenly the vulture took a second drink and the crocodile shot out of the water.

“There was no fidgeting, for the bird and there was no escape.”

 PIC BY Alf Drosdziok / CATERS NEWS

Alf explained how the rule of a nature photography is not to shot between 11.30 and 3.30pm because the light is too bright but as Alf was having his lunch with other safari goers he saw his opportunity.

He said: “Large trees offered enough shade over the river bed for me to get a good image.

“The crocodile finally succeeded, after some time, to pull the vulture under water and devour.”