Crazy bird catches the worm in perfectly-timed shot

This bird has his eyes firmly on the prize and as he focuses on catching his next meal.

Photographer Hector Astorga captured the incredible split-second picture while at the Santa Clara Ranch in South Texas.

PIC FROM Hector Astorga / Caters News

The 47-year-old’s perfectly-timed shot shows a Greater Road Runner catching a worm it has flung into the air.

Hector, who has lived in Texas for the last 30 years, said: “Roadrunners usually ‘fling’ their food into the air and catch it before swallowing it.

“The roadrunner was directly in front of me. I was sitting in a sunken hide so I was able to capture a unique low angle as the bird fed.”

Hector has been a professional photographer for 11 years and was born and raised in Honduras.

He added: “I was extremely happy that I got to see and capture this moment.”