Cow born with three eyes is worshiped as deity

A CALF is being worshiped as a God – thanks to its third eye.

Villagers in the village of Kolathur, Tamil Nadu, India, are flocking to visit the cow.


The cow, named after the HIndu God, Lord Shiva, has become a major attraction in the small village

Queues have formed outside the house of the owner, Meghala, who has named it after the Hindu God Lord Shiva, known for his third eye.

Meghala said: “It is a miracle cow. Shiva god was born here as a calf. We will name is as Shiva in honour.


Owner Meghala poses with her cow, who is being worshiped for good luck

“We feel privileged and blessed to have him here in our village.”

Many of the worshipers touch the face of the two-week old calf and pray for its blessings.


A worshiper prays to the cow in a bid to secure good luck and prosperity

Meghala added: “It will bring us good luck and prosperity.”

Lord Shiva is the third god in the Hindu triumvirate, and is depicted with a third eye, representing wisdom and insight.