Couple quit highflying careers to sail the world with their dog

A young couple decided to quit the rat race and give up their jobs to sail around the world with their DOG – despite never having set foot on a boat before.

Sarah Moreira, Renato Matiolli and their dog Feijao

Sarah Moreira, Renato Matiolli and their dog Feijao

Former businesspeople Sarah Moreira and Renato Matiolli decided to say no more to “crazy office hours” and sailed off into the sunset.

Shortly after purchasing a boat, Renato, 38, quit his job as a strategy consultant and Sarah, 34, left her PR job for an international hotel chain.

Six months after buying the boat they set sail, leaving everything they knew behind – except for their dog, who joined them.

Amazingly, neither Sarah or Renato had ever sailed before meeting a Swedish couple who taught them to sail in three weeks.

Sarah Moreira, Renato Matiolli and their dog Feijao

Sarah Moreira, Renato Matiolli and their dog Feijao on their boat

The Brazilian couple officially left Ipanema in their hometown Rio de Janeiro on April 30 2015, and have been travelling ever since.

Renato returned briefly to collect their dog Feijao – as they had to wait for his puppy passport.

The couple claim Feijao has adapted well to sailing life and loves chilling on the deck and at the beach – but is not a keen swimmer, instead preferring paddelboarding.

So far, Sarah, Renato and Feijao have been to 21 countries and territories.

As well as checking out local cuisine and culture, the couple are avid surfers and divers and have been experiencing some of the best waves and underwater views.

Sarah Moreira and Feijao the dog

Sarah Moreira and Feijao the dog

Sarah and Renato claim that being together 24/7 has made their 5 year relationship stronger than ever.

And team work is definitely essential when battling huge waves and temperamental weather, like they encountered during their Atlantic crossing.

They said: “We sailed right through a storm, waves were hitting the side of the boat.

“There was also crazy lightning and thunder, which is very scary when you’re in the middle of the ocean.

“You’re the tallest object out there and we were worried the lightening was going to strike the boat’s mast.”

Renato and Feijao at Culebrita Island in Puerto Rico

Renato and Feijao at Culebrita Island in Puerto Rico

They admit that not everything has been smooth-sailing as their newly-gained knowledge meant they were truly in the deep end at the start of their trip.

Sarah said: “We over-planned everything at first and were always stressing.

“There were times when I thought ‘I’d rather be at work’. But after a while it became a lot more enjoyable and you stop sweating the small stuff.

“The sailing community is also super helpful and you get a lot of great advice.”

Renato said: “There are so many jobs to learn – from how to use solar panels, navigation, map reading, how to dive.

Feijao the dog

Feijao the dog

“It’s like being a new student. There was so much to learn.”

Although they don’t keep track, the couple estimate that they have so far covered around 5000 miles.

The longest landless stretch they have completed so far was the Atlantic crossing of 15 days from .

As well as having saved up before setting off, the couple fund their travels by offering travellers the opportunity to get a taste of sailing life and join them on a stretch.

Sarah said: “This adventure has been absolutely awesome so far. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“We have given up a lot of comforts, but the contact with nature and the incredible friends we have made along the way makes it all worth it so far.

Feijao the dog in Santorini, Greece

Feijao the dog in Santorini, Greece

“We feel sailing together has made our relationship stronger. Of course we have disagreements and there is nowhere to really escape.

“But you depend on each other, and we make up quickly. It also helps that we have guests a lot of the time, so we get to be with other people.

Renato admits that if things get heated his best strategy is to go catch some waves on his surfboard to spend time alone.

“People who sail the world usually have years of experience.

Sarah Moreira and Feijao

Sarah Moreira and Feijao

“When we first told people of our plans, they thought we were crazy. They said we would die.”

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