Copy cats! Amazing footage shows animals’ reaction when looking into a mirror

A strategically located camera was set in the Amazon rainforest to show how jungle animals react when faced with a mirror image- including a nervous ocelot, a funny family of wild pigs, a curious puma and an angry jaguar.

The animals react on their reflection, each in their own way. Some are aggressive, others are hilariously scared!

While the pigs run away terrified, the jaguar just stares with curiosity, sniffs and gets in attacking position. 

The ocelot seems also afraid-but not the puma that growls for a while, stands up to check its image better and playfully tries to poke it, ending up just lying next to it. 

The camera was set as part of a study from ‘Untamed Photography’, a wildlife photography workshop in the Tambopata and Las Piedras rivers in the Amazon rainforest Madre de Dios in Peru. 

Mark Fernley, 28 began the research in November 2017 in order to observe the animals’ interactions with the mirror and particularly of the Cats of the Amazon. 

He said: “The animals walk through the forest and stumble upon the mirror and we clearly understand that they do not have the intelligence to know it is “self-recognition”. 

“When their eyes hit the mirror, it is clearly competitor recognition due to the animal understanding that it is another of its species in the mirror.

“My favourite would be the jaguar bringing foliage back to the mirror. An interesting observation from our point of view.

“As a wildlife photographer, I find it fascinating to capture Amazonian Cats on film by camera traps.

“We share the secrets to creating memorable images of wild nature, jaw-dropping landscapes and living cultures.”