Cool cat – cheetah finds shade on top of safari jeep

This cool cat gave safari goers a real scare – by finding shade under the canopy on top of their Jeep.

The predator leaped up onto the vehicle and appeared to stare down its occupants before settling down within touching distance of them.

Yossi Leibovich/Mercury Press

The cheetah did not appear at all concerned about sitting so close to humans as it happily sheltered from the sun for nearly an hour.

Once they realised they weren’t about to become its dinner, the people on safari also laughed at their good fortune at getting so close to the big cat.

Yossi Leibovich/Mercury Press

Dad-of-three Yossi Leibovich, 71, managed to capture the cheetah up close as it leaped onto the Jeep, as well as the anxiety and relief of his fellow travelers, while on safari in Tanzania.

Yossi, from Haira in Israel, said: “I was with eight people and we were sat in two Jeeps.

Yossi Leibovich/Mercury Press

“I took thousands of photos that day but this was by far the best thing that happened.

“I have never been so close to a cheetah before and it was just amazing. It just jumped up onto the Jeep and settled down.

“It was very calm and I think the animal just wanted someone cool to lie down for a while.

“The cheetah stayed with is for about 50 minutes, which was amazing. I had plenty of time to get some great shots of it.

Yossi Leibovich/Mercury Press

“When you are taking pictures of animals you don’t know what is going to happen or how they are going to react, but this one was a perfect model.

“I have been photographing wildlife for three years now and I have never experienced anything like this before.

“It’s a great hobby to have. It gets you out and about and you get to see lots of interesting new places.”