Who’s a cleaver Boy? Football mad dog claps his hands!



A dog obsessed with football has come up with a novel way to be-hind favourite team Celtic FC – by standing on his back legs and CLAPPING every time his owner says the club’s name.

Sadie, a seven-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has been doing the party trick for years with owner Sean Fleeton in Northern Ireland.

The hilarious footage shows the mutt’s wild celebrations after The Bhoys beat Glasgow rivals Rangers 2-1 in a Scottish Premiership clash on New Year’s Eve.

Sadie – who has her own Hoops jersey – can be seen dancing on her hind legs in front of a Celtic flag and clapping her front paws together as Sean’s dad John roars: “Clap your hands for Celtic.”

Sean, 24, from Crumlin, County Antrim, said: “My whole family is Celtic daft and Sadie is too. It’s not a one-off – she does it pretty much at the click of a finger.

“I took her round to my dad’s to watch the game against Rangers and obviously we were pretty pleased with the result.

“She’s a very clever wee dog and she’s done this ever since we got her as a puppy. Any time she hears the word Celtic, she’s up on her feet and clapping away.



“My dad’s got three other dogs – another Staffie, a mastiff, and a greyhound – but they’re just not interested in the football.

“Sadie would even sit and watch the matches with you. If we win, she’ll join in the celebrations as much as we do.

“We’re all Celtic-mad, hence the flag and the signed shirt in the living room. My dad first got her to do the clapping years ago and now it’s a regular thing.

“She doesn’t just go round doing it at random, she needs to hear the word. This is the first time I’ve actually bothered to film it and I think it’s brilliant.”


Although Sadie doesn’t wear her special Celtic top all the time, she puts it on when the family watch games on TV and enjoyed Saturday’s victory at Ibrox, which moved Brendan Rodgers’ team 19 points clear at the top of the table.

In the clip, taken on Sean’s mobile phone, his dad dad John, 48, can be heard asking Sadie: “Who’s the best, girl?”

Sean, who works as a manufacturer for an electrical firm, said: “She’s a bit of a celebrity around here because everyone knows she goes nuts for Celtic.



“My dad is mad about dogs so she enjoyed going over to his but she lives with me and my partner.

“I’ve supported Celtic since I was a wee boy and Sadie’s never really known any different.

“She’s been brought up in that environment where the whole family supports Celtic, and it’s clearly rubbed off on her.

“I’ve never seen another dog so responsive to one word. It’s pretty hilarious.”