Cheet-ing death! Impala calmly shakes off ambush attempt by cheetah and cub

This impala looks perfectly calm as it shakes off a cheetah who is hanging onto its neck – before fleeing for its life.

The majestic beast managed to escape unscathed after shaking off two cheetahs in the Masai Mara, Kenya.


The photographs were taken by Jeffrey Wu, 52, who had been following female cheetah Selenkai with her cubs for six hours in December.

Jeffrey, from Canada, said: “Selenkai ambushed a large male impala and caught him off guard. However he was too big for her to bite into his neck to suffocate him.

“The impala held his ground and tried not to fall when one of the cubs followed up and jumped on the impala’s back.


“Selenkai let go of the impala’s neck to catch her breath, the impala struggled, jumped up and starting to run for his life.

“Selenkai and her cub went after him – at one time she was on top of him trying to bite into his neck again but it was too late. Selenkai was too tired and the cub was too weak to keep the chase.

“This huge impala just shook off the two cheetahs and escaped. He was a very lucky impala.


“Large cats like lions and cheetahs usually go for their prey’s neck to suffocate it first to reduce the risk of being injured.

“Through the lens I clearly witnessed the hunt, struggle, and escape, I knew the photographs would be ‘keepers’.”