Cheet-ing Death! Antelope Gives Big Cat Run For Money During Hunt

This antelope gave a cheetah a run for its money as it made a lucky escape – and didn’t end up as dinner.

Striking images taken by amateur photographer Elmar Weiss, 49, show the topi fleeing from the big cat with just a few scratches on its back.


One image shows the animals side by side as they bid to outrun each other in the Masai Mara, Kenya, earlier this year.

Dental technician and photographer of 35 years Elmar, from Hamburg, Germany, said: “We spent a whole day there with a lot of waiting and watching the five cheetahs.

“The first hunting attempt was with an impala, but the cheetah was unsuccessful.


“The second attempt was with a topi, which again managed to escape with just a few scratches on its back.

“After the second fail the five cheetahs walked to a nearby tree. We supposed they would take a nap in the shadow as they always do after hunting but on their way they found a warthog – a fast and easy kill for them.


“It was so hard to get hunting scenes so I was very happy to get these shots.

“It was the first time I’d seen a cheetah in full sprint and captured such an amazing hunting scene.”