Cheeky owl swoops and lands on unsuspecting woman’s head

Kristen Nicholas / Caters News –

This majestic owl has been captured swooping down and having a rest on an unsuspecting bird watcher’s head.

The great grey owl flies down and perches on the woman’s head, before eventually flying away.

Kristen Nicholas / Caters News

Kristen Nicholas, 37, New Jersey, USA, captured the moment after spotting the owl in New Hampshire, USA.

Kristen, a teacher and wildlife photographer, said: “I was trying to get some nice photos as the owl, so I was watching his movements.

“He was camouflaged in a large conifer for a lot of the day, but at one point he flew out and perched on the woman’s head!

“The reason I think it landed on her head was that the owl saw it as a ‘perch’ in an open field to hunt from.

Kristen Nicholas / Caters News

“The owl was not baited or harassed in any way, he was just left to his own devices.

“The woman in the photo told me that it didn’t feel that heavy and that it was very gentle.

“I was completely stunned when the owl landed on her – the funniest part was that when she arrived she couldn’t find the owl because of its great camouflage… Then it landed on her!”