Cheeky monkey can’t resist showing off for the camera

This cheeky monkey can’t resist pulling these adorable faces.

Lucie Stepnickova / Caters News

As the little gorilla sticks out his tongue and stares up into the camera, it seems almost like he’s posing.

Cute Ajabu is not yet two and just like a human child, he seems full of personality and antics.

Lucie Stepnickova / Caters News

It was Lucie Štěpničková, 31, who took these charming photos at Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic.

The waitress has been was inspired by the gorillas to take up photography 11 years ago.

Lucie Stepnickova / Caters News

She said: “I’ve been going to the Zoo to see the gorillas for 11 years. The baby gorilla Ajabu is male and he was born 23rd April 2016.

“Since Ajabu was born, I’ve been going once or twice week. It seems that he is already well acquainted with me.

Lucie Stepnickova / Caters News

“Almost every visit goes to greet me. Sometimes just a little bit, sometimes I’ll stay with him and play together. And sometimes we just sit opposite and look in the eyes.

“It’s an incredible experience!”