Charlie chap-lion – lion cub finds brilliant disguise in an elders’ tail

PIC BY Grant Atkinson / CATERS NEWS

This little lion cub has found a brilliant disguise in an older lion’s tail.

The youngster can be seen holding his elders’ tail up to his face, which forms the perfect moustache disguise to hide him from the others.

And the tail makes a great toy as well as a disguise!

PIC BY Grant Atkinson / CATERS NEWS

This Charlie Chaplin-esque look was captured by Grant Atkinson in the Olare Orok conservancy in Kenya.

Grant, 49, said: “The lion cub was part of a bigger pride, but most of the pride were resting.

“The younger cubs were active and ready to interact or be entertained.

PIC BY Grant Atkinson / CATERS NEWS

“This cub was the most playful of the lot and after being ignored by the pride females, it wandered over to one of the males.

“The male lion was flicking his tail from time to time to keep away bothersome flies.

“This proved irresistible to the cub and it charged at his tail and grabbed hold of it – biting down and pulling away at the big males tail tip for some time.

“Male lions can be quite intolerant of being bothered by cubs at times, but not always – this male just sighed and endured the chewing and tugging.”