Caring Capybara mothers a variety of animals at refuge

PIC FROM Rocky Ridge Refuge / Caters News 

This caring capybara has taken it upon herself to be the mother-like figure to the variety of animals that live in her sanctuary.

Cheesecake, a six-year-old capybara, has lived with around 10 different species since she was adopted by the Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas six years ago.

Since the adorable Cheesy, as she is known, arrived at the shelter, the adorable animal has been photographed the snuggling up to the likes of dogs, chickens, deers, miniature horses and ducklings.

PIC FROM Rocky Ridge Refuge / Caters News 

Cheesecake’s popularity among visitors is also very high, Janice Wolf, the founder of the refuge, said, and the animal is well-liked among other animals because of her caring nature.

Currently, Cheesecake’s best friend is a chicken called Elvira, who will not hang out with the other hens, but will sleep, eat and simply stay close to the Capybara – even hitching a ride on her back.

PIC FROM Rocky Ridge Refuge / Caters News 

Though most animals at the refuge were rescued, Cheesecake was given to Janice, 58, as a gift.

Three years ago, the refuge also welcomed another capybara, Cobbler, who Janice rescued from an exotic pet trader.

PIC FROM Rocky Ridge Refuge / Caters News 

She said: “Capybaras in general are pretty laid back and accepting animals and Cheesecake is for sure.

“She grew up in the house with the dogs and other critters so having different species friends was always her life.

“Visitors here enjoy petting her and feeding her, and she enjoys it, too.”