Can you guess what it is yet? Hilarious pictures show animals close up – but can you guess what they are?

Do you recognise these animals? Test your animal knowledge by checking your answers at the bottom.

We all know what an elephant or snake looks like, but these super close-up pictures will make you question if you really know animals at all.

With its grey, wrinkled skin caked in dry mud, the elephant is instantly recognisable, despite being zoomed in on.


Close up Animals

However, despite its conspicuous bright yellow, it would almost be impossible to tell the difference between the scaly skins of a crocodile and snake.

The beastly brainteasers the brainchild of photographer Isak Pretorious, from Johannesburg, South Africa, who poses the questions to his legion of Facebook followers.


Close up Animals

Isak, 36, said: “We all think we know what certain animals look like, but close-up they can look completely different.

“I’ve been a wildlife photographer for a decade now so it’s easy for me.


Close up Animals

“If the pictures are cropped to just reveal a few features it can be really difficult.

“Even then, sometimes it takes a few looks to tell whether it’s an elephant or a rhino.”

Isak first practiced as an engineer but took up wildlife photography 10 years ago.


Close up Animals

He now runs specialist photography safaris in eastern and southern Africa.

Isak said: “For me photography is a great way to experience the animals and nature in an intimate and creative way.

“It’s not about photography as such but the enjoyment of what I see and experience.


Close up Animals

“My aim is to conserve.

“So, the more people see the beautiful photos, the more people will visit these places and that’s the best way to conserve them.”


Close up Animals


Close up Animals


1. Moths

2. Bush Pig

3. Pagolin


5. Elephant

6. Spotted Hyena

7. Crocodile