Can I play out yet? Incredibly cute images show boxer puppy scared as she sees rain for first time


These incredibly cute images show the moment a tiny boxer puppy saw rain for the first time –leaving her too scared to venture out to play.

The heart-warming picture sequence shows the 16-week-old pup named Bailey stood gazing longingly out of the open door at her home near Buxton, Derbyshire, this week.


However noise from the heavy rain had left the tiny dog confused and too anxious to set foot out of the door, having never experienced bad weather yet in her short life.

Moments later, more hilarious pictures capture her standing on her hind legs to peer over the stable door – eyes visibly staring up at the sky wondering what was falling from it and when it would stop.

Another adorable image shows little Bailey resting her chin on the stable door in dejection that the rain still has not stopped.

Photographer Villager Jim captured the beautiful pictures while visiting his friend’s home who had recently got the dog and described her as a ‘bundle of joy’.


Villager Jim, 52, said: “It was pouring down outside and being a young dog, everything is new so she didn’t know what was going on.

“She wasn’t even allowed out until a few weeks ago, she is that young, so this was the first heavy rain she had seen. She must have wondered what was falling from the sky.

“I love the expressions on her face – you can see her wondering what is going on. Her eyes are so expressive, she looks mournfully up at the sky and it’s almost like she’s thinking ‘when’s this going to end’.

“There was a such a noise coming down she was a bit confused by it all, the poor thing.


“But she’s such a lovely dog, a real bundle of joy and energy. All she wants to do it lick each person.

“She comes into the room like a whirlwind. She’s a fantastic little animal. Why can’t people be like that? The world would be a better place if people were anything like Bailey.”

Jim says the family had vowed not to get another dog after their last one died in 2016, however following looking after Jim’s own dog Barnaby, they were inspired to get Bailey.