Camel-Flage! Camel appears headless in hilarious photo

A ‘headless’ camel has been caught on camera in the desert.

Photographer, Sanjeev Nijhawan,48,  from Chandigarh, India, was watching a herd of camels while visiting the Jaisalmer desert with his family.

PIC BY Sanjeev Nijhawan / Caters News

The perfectly-timed optical illusion photo shows the camel standing still while his head was turned the other way.

Sanjeev said: “I saw a herd of camels crossing the road. It was a sight I couldn’t resist clicking.

PIC BY Sanjeev Nijhawan / Caters News

“I stopped and went towards the herd and suddenly at a distance I saw this camel with his head turned around which looked like a headless camel.

“I had around five seconds to get the photo before he pulled his head up again.”