Bum-bo! Hilarious photo sequence shows mother elephant pooing on her baby

By Kristiana Hall

A photographer has captured the hilarious sequence showing a mother elephant pooing on her following baby.

Ivan Glaser, 57, was visiting Kruger Park, South Africa when he noticed a baby elephant following its mother.

However, when he started snapping the cute moment, the mother elephant began to go to the toilet.

But unbeknownst to the mother, she was actually pooing on her baby’s head!

Ivan said: “This small herd of elephants crossed the road in front of our car with the adults first and babies close behind their mothers.

“I noticed one of the mothers lift her tail and I just knew what was going to happen next, and it did!

PIC FROM Ivan Glaser/Caters News

“It was absolutely hilarious, especially the fact that the baby didn’t even try and get out of the way after the first bomb hit.

“I have subsequently learnt that this is quite normal elephant behaviour and that baby elephants actually eat the dung of the adults because it has bacteria in it that the baby’s stomachs do not yet produce.

“I love watching elephants – they are awesome animals.

“It’s always a thrill when you are driving through a game park and you come across a herd of elephants close to the road, especially when they have young ones.”