Buckaroo! Hungry Lioness Takes Down Wildebeest In Epic Struggle

It’s a deadly game of buckaroo for this wildebeest who is epically defeated by a hungry lioness.

Sue Morris, a photographer from Hampshire, UK was enjoying a safari at Nxai Pan National Park, Botswana, when she witness the lioness clinging on to the wildebeest’s back, in an attempt to keep hold of her food.

Pic by Sue Morris Photography/Caters News

The images showcase the strong wildebeest fighting for its life before the lioness takes it down – and later feeds its carcass to her cubs.

Sue said: “The lioness managed to surprise and take down a wildebeest at a waterhole. 

“A second lioness joins in and after a struggle lasting almost two minutes the wildebeest succumbs.

Pic by Sue Morris Photography/Caters News

“The kill provides a welcome meal for the waiting three hungry male cubs.

“It was most certainly a difficult thing to watch, but having seen the lion family over the previous days it was clear the cubs needed a meal.

“To witness such an event at close quarters and in daylight is very unusual and I was privileged to document one of nature’s greatest battles and experience the reality of what it takes to survive in the wild.

Pic by Sue Morris Photography/Caters News