Brother bear! Adorable moment bear embraces his sister for a cuddle!

PIC BY Shayne / Caters News 

This adorable snap of a bear embracing his sister for a cuddle will melt your heart.

The sweet siblings had become separated in the woods, and when they found each other again they hugged tightly.

The cute moment was caught on camera by photographer Shayne McGuire, at a remote lodge in Lake Clark, Alaska.

PIC BY Shayne / Caters News 

Shayne, from California, said: “These two sibling bear cubs had just been kicked away from their mother, and are very clingy with each other.

“When the male found his sister again he grabbed onto her and hugged her – it was so cute.

“We always hear of bear hugs, but to actually see one is incredible.

PIC BY Shayne / Caters News 

“It’s a hard part of nature when the mother chases the cubs away, and they are left to fend for themselves.

“I didn’t realise how great these pictures were until afterwards – you can really see the love in their faces and the intensity of the hug.”