Britain’s naughtiest dog? Pooch causes thousands of pounds of damage

By Charles Wade-Palmer

Is this Britain’s naughtiest dog? Adorable Labradoodle Cookie has caused thousands of pounds of damage to owner Sally Mason’s home – and trashed it so badly that Sally even thought she’d been BURGLED.

PIC FROM Sally Masson/Caters News

Three-year-old Cookie has chewed up dozens of pairs of her owner’s expensive shoes, chewed the heads off the family cuddly toys – and always finds a way to raid the kitchen cupboards, strewing food all over the house.

Sally, from Hemel Hempstead, Herts, regularly finds whole boxes of cereal, or gravy granules littering her home when she arrives home – as well as being missing the odd shoe.

But the photographer, 51, says Cookie’s puppy dog eyes meant that she can’t bring herself to put Cookie in the dog house – and the hound always escapes a telling off.

Sally said: “Every time she is left on her own yet still with her mum, out other dog, Custard, she goes into protest.  She follows me around the house, like a shadow and if I dare go out and leave her, she turns to destruction.

PIC FROM Sally Masson/Caters News

“Sometimes being burgled does cross my mind, I often come in just in time to stop her in her tracks like when she’s walking across the breakfast island to see what’s available.

“I can’t tell her off, I never can because of the innocence in her face, it’s hilarious.

“She is a bit of sensation on my Facebook, if I come home to a scene of carnage I take a pic on my phone and post it to Facebook, the friends love it!”

PIC FROM Sally Masson/Caters News

Cookie may just be one of the messiest pets in Britain who has never been sent to the dog house.

The three-year-old fluffy white labradoodle shares Sally’s home in Hemel Hempstead, Herts with Stu, 48, their three children, Phil the tortoise and her own mum, six-year-old Custard.

Sally said: “When I try to tell her off, she goes back to her bed sits and looks at me wagging her tail sheepishly, it’s impossible to get annoyed.

“The kids think it’s funny apart from Jade who’s had four pairs of her school shoes wrecked by Cookie  so we have had to dart to Tesco before school so she had something suitable to put on her feet.

PIC FROM Sally Masson/Caters News

“I do tell them to keep their shoes in their rooms because with Cookie around it really is the safest place.

Cookie has given Sally the biggest scare when she has made her way through packets of painkillers and antibiotics but remarkably came out unfazed.

Sally said: “She has also eaten lots of tablets, I don’t always broadcast that, packets of nurofen and her mum’s entire stash of antibiotics but she has never been ill from anything she has eaten.

“But she is just such a character from the way she sits to the things she does but we love her and her mum to bits.

PIC FROM Sally Masson/Caters News

“She sits at our breakfast bar like she is one of us, if I have friends around she sits on the stool next to me and joins in.”

“Some people don’t see this as funny as it’s separation anxiety despite the fact she has her mum with her at all times when she is left.

“The separation anxiety is with me and her destruction of the house and everything inside it is her way of saying this is what you get for going out.”