Britain’s most mischevious cat? Moggy with a taste for misadventure goes missing after getting stuck in a watering can

A cat who got stuck in a WATERING CAN has got herself into further trouble by disappearing into thin air.

Mya, a 16-month-old tortoise shell pet, got her taste for misadventure when she needed to be rescued from the watering can and the hilarious picture of her predicament became a hit with the hero firefighters who came to her aid.

But now anxious owner Charlotte King is worried Mya has got herself into similar bind away from home with no-one to help her.

Cat gets stuck in Watering Can

After she didn’t come in one evening, Mandy and Charlotte went calling all over their garden looking for her. With no luck, they put her food out and hoped she would soon reappear.

But in the morning Mya had still not come home and she has been missing ever since.

Charlotte, 24, from Leicester, said: “I am really upset. She is a really homely cat and has never ventured more than four houses away.

Cat gets stuck in Watering Can

“She climbs up trees then is scared to get down so she just starts meowing – I’m really worried as to what she might have got up to this time!”

Mya, also known as May May, was a birthday present in December 2013 but the adventurous animal has been on a a campaign on mischief ever since.

In just 12 months she has been stuck up trees, trapped on top of a shed roof and wedged under fences as well, as the near permanent jam in the watering can.

Cat gets stuck in Watering Can

Charlotte spends hours every week trying to rescue her from treetop branches where she has climbed to but is unable to get down

Now, Charlotte’s other cat Missy is pining to have her back and Charlotte and her mum Mandy, 46, are campaigning to get Mya home and hoping a public appeal will see her returned.

The mischievous moggy got stuck in the watering can on April 2 last year on the first day she was let out of the house to play.

The kitten disappeared and Charlotte couldn’t find he anywhere until Mya’s head then popped out of the watering can.

Cat gets stuck in Watering Can


Charlotte said: “She was just wondering what was going on. She kept meowing for me to get her out.”

No amount of manoeving could help Mya wriggle out and Charlotte and Mandy were forced to call in the fire brigade.

Mandy said: “We let her out in the garden and then could not find her.

“I could hear her meowing and thought ‘where are you?’ – and then her little head popped out of the watering can.

“We tried to see if she would come out on her own and we tried to pull her out but her shoulders were stuck.”

“It was quite a spectacle. There must have been eight or nine firefighters gathered around.

“We were all having a laugh about it.

“We said ‘don’t mind the watering can – just get the cat out’.

“She wasn’t distressed, she thought it was a game!”

The firefighters safely rescued Mya by using a pair of tin snips, hand-held cutters, and chopped down the side of the watering can and the cat used up one of her nine lives and escaped unhurt.

Steve Willatt, red watch manager at Western fire station, said at the time: “We used a pair of tin snips and cut down the side of the watering can. Tin snips are hand-held cutters. The cat was uninjured.”

“It was a little bit strange, but we do get strange and out of the ordinary jobs sometimes, especially involving young children and animals.”

Now Charlotte and her mum are just desperate to have her back at home.

Charlotte said: “She’s so timid and loving.

“She is a baby. The first time she went outside the wind really scared her.

“It is strange not having her around and would mean everything to have her back.

“I’m fetching her from trees and off the shed roof almost everyday – she might as well be the most mischievous cat in the country.

“She’ll explore and go on adventures wherever she can but then she gets stuck or trapped and can’t get out or down.

“I’ve had to climb onto the roof to get her more times than I can count.

“This time I’ve just got to hope she can escape on her own.”