Britain’s got talon-t! Little owl appears to belt out song and boogie on hay bales

This little owl knows no performance is complete without the voice and the moves as it appeared to belt out a song and have a boogie on some hay bales.

The young owl, which may have dreams of being a songbird, was snapped with its beak wide open and foot raised – like it was singing its heart out while doing a jig.


 Dad-of-one Ray Purkiss, 48, played captive audience to the brown and white-feathered bird after spotting it taking the main stage at a farm in Corringham, North Lincs, on August 11.

But while the owl may appear to be Britain’s next chart-topping crooner, the photos are just well-timed as Ray confirmed the bird was actually having a yawn and a good scratch. 

Ray, who works as a joiner, said: “When I got the photos I was just laughing to myself. The owl does look like it’s singing. It could be doing an Elvis impersonation.

“Because it had seen me so many times over a number of hours, I thought it looked like it was shouting at me to go away. You can just imagine the speech bubble on the photos.

“Really it was just yawning. And it had been doing some scratching and pruning. I just happened to catch it with its foot in the air like it’s dancing.

“Owls are just full of character. They remind me of myself a little bit – a little bit rugged but with a bit of character about them.


“They are so funny to watch and they’re stunning little things, especially when they’re young, they’re gorgeous.

“Just on the edge of the village, one of the local farmers has this big stack of hay bales. The owls nest nearby and they like to come and sit on there and bask in the sun.”

The shots were captured by Ray using a Canon 7D MKII camera and a Canon MKI 600mm f/4 lens. 

Ray’s love of wildlife and the outdoors developed as a child as his dad would take him out hunting and angling.

After keeping up angling as an adult, Ray started taking photos of all the wildlife he would spot on his excursions and it quickly became a passion.

Now specialising in wildlife photography, Ray’s favourite two animals to capture are owls and hares.


Ray said: “My old man, God rest him, got me into wildlife. He used to be into his hunting and angling and he would take me out with him 

“When I got older I kept up angling and I got to see all this incredible wildlife on the banks.

“You have some amazing experiences when you’re out there. I would have kingfishers that would come and land on my rod 

“I started taking photos of the wildlife I would see and it has just progressed from there really. It’s a real passion now.

“I specialise in wildlife and a bit of landscape photography. Hares and owls are favourites, they’re fantastic animals.

“A lot of people take brilliant photos and they hold onto them and don’t share them with anyone but I like the idea of sharing them, especially for people who don’t get to see these things.

“There’s a great community with photography, you meet some lovely people and get some cracking feedback. It’s always really nice.”