Breathtaking mirror image photograph of flamingos in Tanzanian lake

A Japanese photographer has taken this breathtaking mirror image shot of a flock of flamingos in a lake in Tanzania.

Eiji Itoyama, 48, was on a trip to the African country when he was surprised by the beautiful pink birds in a lake.

PIC FROM Eiji Itoyama / Caters News

Eiji, who only started taking photography seriously a year ago, said he was astonished to see hundreds of birds standing in synchronisation and didn’t waste time capturing the scene.

Eiji said: “I did not wait at all. I was on a trip to Serengeti in Tanzania last November and I saw hundreds of small groups of these beautiful birds.

“I did not expect to see the flamingoes in my trip because I had heard they were not in the famous lake due to environmental changes.

“The water height prevents them from comfortably staying and eating at the lake.

“But when we arrived at the small lake for lunch, I found flamingos were already there.

“Seeing them was one of my dreams since I started photography.

“I quickly started taking photographs. “Generally I love all kinds of bird, but flamingois very special to me because of its beauty that no other bird has.”

Eiji captured the beautiful birds on his Canon EOS 1DX camera using a 100-400mm lens.