Brave diver gets close to hammerhead shark at feeding time

This diver is dancing a deadly tango whilst hand feeding a hammerhead shark.

Shark Handler, Max Devine, was captured feeding, 14 foot female Great Hammerhead Shark, Aphrodite, in Bimini, the Bahamas, on February 18, 2018.

Pic from Renee Piccitto/Caters News

Photographer, Renee Piccitto, was visiting to film and photograph the sharks and was amazed by the interaction between Max and his new friend.

Renee, 35, from Jupiter, Florida, said: “The personalities of both Aphrodite and Max are captured in one image, and when he feeds her, it is as if he has initiated a dance underwater.

“Max coaxes the graceful Aphrodite toward him with a fish, yet appears to be bowing and asking her hand in a dance of passion and emotion.

Pic from Renee Piccitto/Caters News

“Personally, it is beautiful how there is a mutual respect between handler and shark. Max never touches the shark, and she gracefully swims over my head as she turns back around to meet Max in the center again for another dance.

“Aphrodite is more than twice my size, and she swims very close to me using her increased ampullae sensitivity to confirm I am of no interest to her.”