Border control – Pooch caught balancing objects on her head for fun

By Mollie Mansfield

This calm pooch can balance almost anything on her head – from a tower of satsumas, to a massive plastic box.

Pippa, the six-year-old Border Collie, can be seen balancing an abundance of objects on her head, with no sign of them falling.

From a tub of treats, to a single egg, to an old tin of spam, the Collie can balance even the most intricate item.

Her owner, Holly Parker, 20, started her balancing obsession by placing a roll of tape on Pippa’s head for fun earlier this year – but now she will balance anything in sight.

Holly, from North Shields, Newcastle Upon Tyne, said: “Pippa reacts amazingly well to the tricks, she is a very placid dog and will let you do pretty much anything to her.

“I first started doing it just for a bit of fun as a silly Facebook competition amongst friends, but then I realised how good she was so I continued to do it.

“The most objects I have balanced on Pippa’s head is the two satsumas, but you could count the tub of treats as the most because it was full to the brim.

“I always take sensible suggestions for what Pippa can balance next – the can of spam was one suggestion that we did, but someone suggested a teapot but I don’t want to put too much pressure on Pippa.

“Next, we’re going to start focusing on stacking more than one object on her to see how far we can take this adventure.

“Everyone who has seen Pippa’s talent has reacted amazingly, I’ve never had a single negative comment and Pippa loves doing it too!”

Since discovering Pippa’s talent, Holly has been posting photographs of her balancing act over social media – much to the amusement of others.

Holly added: “I first shared the photographs on a Border Collie group, but now I share them all over social media. Pippa has really amassed lots of fans and now has quite the following!

“Everyone loves seeing Pippa do her tricks and always keeps up-to-date on her progress, it’s great to see the reaction we get too.”