Blossoming love: Woman makes adorable flower cone to help dog recover from operation

A Canadian dog owner’s love for her pooch has blossomed – by making her a flower-shaped cone to help her recover from an operation.

Sasha the 13-year-old Labrador cross recently had a lump removed from her throat, and owner Rachel Ferguson, 24, decided to put a positive spin on her healing journey.

So rather than the standard ‘cone of shame’– a protective device to keep dogs from licking their wounds – Rachel crafted one that made it look like Sasha was a sunflower.

Childcare worker Rachel, from Ontario, said: “I made this cone to make her recovery more of a happy thing.”

“People in public do double takes and laughing, she is brightening everyone’s day.  Sasha likes the attention and the fact that people are always smiling when they see her now!”

“I used yellow card paper and cut out petals and taped them all around on the inside.”

PIC FROM Rachel Ferguson / Caters News

“I’m pretty creative and I thought the flower would be fun for both of us.”

Adorable photographs show Sasha flashing a beaming grin as she struts her stuff around the house sporting the floral accessory.

Rachel admitted the cone can be a hindrance, make it challenging for Sasha to move without knocking into things.

But the cone can go a long way to reduce the underlying urge for an animal to lick, chew or scratch their wounds – but Rachel believes this one makes a statement.

PIC FROM Rachel Ferguson / Caters News

Rachel said: “Yes she is just wearing the cone until her stitches heal.”

 “She does sometimes bump into things with her cone but she usually just pushes past the obstruction, literally.”

“It’s fitting for her because she’s such a sweet, beautiful lady.” 

“She definitely knows she’s special.”