Blonde Seal Strangled By Plastic Fishing Net On Norfolk Coastline

The heart wrenching moment a blonde seal was strangled by a fishing net on the Norfolk coast has been captured on camera.

IT consultant, Geoff Smith, 54, captured the photograph which illustrates the reality of plastic pollution.

The seal can be seen with a thick blue net wrapped around its neck, seemingly impossible for the seal to remove this alone.

Pic by Geoff Smith/Caters News

Worried Geoff contacted seal rescue charity Friends of Horsey Seals to inform them of the seal – but the mammal managed to give volunteers who tried to catch him the slip, and disappeared back into the sea.

Geoff, from Ipswich said: “You could see that the seal’s neck was cut and that the seal had grown since getting tangled in the netting.

Pic by Geoff Smith/Caters News

“It’s a tragedy that waste has been a blight on wildlife caused by our carelessness and laziness, both of which can be avoided by raising awareness and educating people and industry on the real consequences of their actions.”

David Vyse, from Friends of Horsey Seals, said: “The injured seals tend to stay close to the sea as they are limited with movement or stay inside the colony for safety.

“When a human comes close, it will either quickly enter the sea, or move with the colony to ‘safety’.

Pic by Geoff Smith/Caters News

“We have spotted this seal a few times since the photo was taken in February, and it seems to be eating well.

“We will try our very best to catch him and remove the plastic when the conditions are right, causing minimum disruption to the seal colony.