Bless you! Giraffe caught sneezing

Pic by Shaaz Jung/Caters News 

A girraffe was caught on camera in a snotty situation at a waterhole by a crowd visiting on safari.

The picture was taken by 29-year-old Shaaz Jun, who owns and runs Safari camps in East Africa and India.

The group were travelling near to Amboseli National Park, in Kenya, looking for African Bull elephants when they spotted the giraffes making there way to the water hole.

Shaaz said: “We were waiting at sundown by the water hole for one of the large elephants to come and drink.

Pic by Shaaz Jung/Caters News 

“Herds of zebra and giraffe drifted in and out to quench their thirst and on them arrived the Oxpeckers birds, who graze and feed predominantly on large mammals.

“The giraffe‘s unusual way of quenching their thirst allowed the flurry of pesky Oxpeckers to follow the trail of water left behind as it lifted his head after drinking.

The pictures appear to show the giraffe sneezing as the water spray out of there mouth.

Pic by Shaaz Jung/Caters News 

Shaaz said: “The burst of water, the birds in flight, the giraffe in motion and the beautiful glow of the setting sun made for an opportunistic and special moment.

“It was least expected which is what made it so spectacular.

“We were here in search of elephants and little did we know a giraffe and his army of Oxpeckers would steal the show.

“I’ve spent over a decade in Africa and witnessed many interactions between Oxpeckers and large mammals, but nothing comes close to what we witnessed that evening.”