Blackbuck crossing – Herd of blackbuck can be seen blocking the road

Pic by Sanjay Baldha/Caters News 

Much like a zebra crossing, this blackbuck herd can be seen crossing the road – with one very white centre piece.

Amongst a herd of brown blackbuck, a crystal white Albina buck can be seen stopped in the middle of the road, breaking up the matching crowd.

The blackbuck were seen taking up the entirety of the road in Velavadar National Park in India, and was captured by Sanjay Baldha.

Sanjay said: “In the afternoon, heavy rain started and then thousands of blackbuck crossed the road, and the albino buck also crossed.

“It is a rare moment to capture so many bucks in heavy rain, but especially with an albino buck.

“When I was taking this photo it felt like a paradise on Earth because I had the heavy rain, wildlife and nature in a single frame and that was a lifetime experience for me.”