Best friends fur-ever – Cheetahs play with their keeper 

This wild cat keeper appears to be best friends FUR-EVER with these cheetahs.

In extreme sweet videos Linda Rosenlöf, shows off her incredible bond with the animals, rolling around on the grass and playing with them.

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She brought up the two cubs after they were abandoned by the mother and brought to the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre in South Africa.

As the cheetah’s were so used to human contact, they could not be reintroduced to the wild and instead became ambassadors for the centre to help educate people about the big cats.

Linda said: “I help train these cheetahs for ambassador work. The centre used to have over 100, but now are 23 of them.

“Some of them are caught by farmers who donate them to the sanctuary instead of shooting them.

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“During my ten years in Africa I have followed about 300 cheetahs, and my main work at the centre was running the adoption programme, giving educational tours and feeding and cataloguing the animals.

“The animals in the footage were two cubs born at the centre, and I helped raise them as they were abandoned by their mum.

“As they had to be hand reared, they have had human interaction and could not be released back into the wild but can be trained and used for educational purposes as ambassador cheetahs.

“I helped train these two cheetahs and they have turned out to be the best two ambassadors ever trained.

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“Time is what pays off and results in trust and a unique bond. With my experience and knowledge about the cheetah, I’m very relaxed around the animals and they are very comfortable and relaxed around me.

“I’m a great believer in knowing your animal. You let them get to know you. I always give my heart to the animals and the unconditional love you get in return is precious and priceless.

“People like seeing the clips and are amazed to see how relaxed the animals are, their find the purr very soothing. It shows you a happy animal and a cheetah’s purr goes through your hand, arm and straight into your heart.”

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Linda’s experiences led her to publish two photo books, ‘A Book of Confidence-Life Is All About Cat-titude, Choosing Pawsitivity, Expressing Grrr-attitude’ and ‘A Book of Courage-Dare to live the hand you’ve been given’.