Berry big portion! Hilarious shot shows greedy pigeon with mouth full after devouring too many cherries

This greedy pigeon bit off more than he could chew as he was caught with a mouth full of cherry.

Piotr Górny, 26, a mathematician and urban wildlife photographer of 10 years, captured the pigeon at his hometown Bydgoszcz in Poland.

PIC FROM Piotr Grny / Caters News

He said: “I took these photographs from my hiding place.

“I was prepared to take some interesting shots of wild species of birds visiting my garden because of the fruits of the sweet cherry tree.

“There were many species – starlings, fieldfares, jackdaws, rooks, wild pigeons, great and blue tits, even sparrows, all of them interested in cherries.

PIC FROM Piotr Grny / Caters News

“This series shows the largest species of european pigeon– the wood pigeon.

“It was quite a funny observation, but not a unique one as I’ve seen wild pigeons consuming plenty of cherries many times.

PIC FROM Piotr Grny / Caters News

“This was, however, my lucky day, the bird was eating right in front of my hiding place, swallowing cherries one by one.

“After a short break and resting on a branch, the pigeon flew away.”