Beauty and the beast! Daring butterfly swoops in on eye of deadly predator

PIC FROM Ivan Cesar / Caters News

It’s the eye of the gator, it’s the thrill of the flight.

A fearless butterfly was captured landing on an alligator’s eye.

Professional photographer Ivan Cesar 60, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil took the beauty and the beast photo in Porto Cercado, in the Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Mato said: “I was on the edge of a small creek and I saw on the other side the approach of the butterfly that had set in the eye of the alligator, and there it remained undisturbed.

 PIC FROM Ivan Cesar / Caters News

“Immediately a picture of ‘the beautiful and the beast’ came to my mind! Despite being a little distant, I made the photo hoping to preserve this moment of harmony and beauty.

“For leisure I photograph nature, especially birds. Professionally I photograph events, gourmet, architecture.”