Beautiful yet bizarre images shows dozens of damselflies mating in perfect unison

A stunning mating ritual has been caught on camera in the Netherlands.

The images, which were taken on the banks of a river near Breda shows dozens of damselflies mating in perfect unison.

Leo Marinissen/Caters News

52-year-old Leo Marinissen noticed the bugs on a river bank before wading in to get closer.

“For five minutes the group was together on the grass and shifted position all the time,” he said.

Leo Marinissen/Caters News

“But there were some really nice moments I could capture.”

The photos show the complex and visually stunning ritual of the damselfly as the insect attempts to produce its eggs.

Leo Marinissen/Caters News

Sixteen damselflies can be seen balancing on reeds close to the bank of the river.

“Dragon and damselflies are very fascinating insects with an intriguing life cycle,” Leo said.

Leo Marinissen/Caters News

“They come in the most nice patterns and colours. I like them all, not just the rare ones.”