Bear-y relaxing! Bizarre moment bear appears to take a spa day relaxing in hot springs

That looks bear-y relaxing!

This bear looked like he was without a care in the world after he was caught soaking in a hot spa – before clambering onto the lush grass nearby to dry off in the sunshine.

Gennady Yusin / CATERS NEWS

Photographer Gennady Yusin has spent six years photographing bears in Eastern Russia – but says this is the first time he’s ever seen one taking a bath.

The hot springs in the Walley of Gayzers in Kamchatka were only discovered by humans 60 years ago, but are an area of outsatnding natural beauty.

But they’ve long been a favourite place for the local bear population, who visit the area when there is still snow on the ground everywhere else, as the hot springs melt the snow and provide them with easy access to grass and berries when other prey is scarce in the winter.

Gennady Yusin / CATERS NEWS

Gennady, from Moscow, said: “It’s extremely unusual for bears to soak in warm water, but this one seemed to be enjoying himself.

“I was so lucky to photograph him doing this – I had seen this bear a lot of times before, and I had nicknamed him Foggy, because every time I tried to catch him on camera the weather was terrible and visibility was poor.

Gennady Yusin / CATERS NEWS

“This day I was so fortunate that the weather was lovely and he actually got into the water. He soaked in the bath for about 10 minutes.

“They he got out and relaxed in the grass – he looked as though he was sunbathing.

Gennady Yusin / CATERS NEWS

“It’s quite dangerous to photograph a wild bear. You need to be a really experienced to get shots like these. It was only really when I got home and looked back through the photos that I realised how dangerous it was to get so close to the bear.”