Bear-ing down – Mother bear chases threat away from cubs

Harold Klein/Caters News

This mother is BEAR-ING down fast on an intruder threatening her cubs.

Harold Klein/Caters News

The female Alaskan brown bear had just finished fishing for her two young cubs and left them playing and wrestling on the river bank.

However, after spying a dangerous bear threatening her children, the 600lb mum raced into action.

Harold Klein/Caters News

With all four paws off the ground she flies through the sand and spray to chase off a thinner looking rival.

After successfully protecting her cubs, the mum went back to relaxing with them on the river bank.

The dramatic scene was captured by photographer Harold Klein, from Canby, Oregon, who was assisting a PhotoAdventureWorkshops trip to Katmai National Park in Alaska.

Harold, 62, said: “This is a desperate ‘run for your life’ situation caused by a bear encroaching on the young cubs of a 600lbs, ferociously protective Alaskan brown bear mum.

Harold Klein/Caters News

“I was so excited by the fact that I happened to catch mum, the bear in pursuit of the intruder ‘flying’ with all four feet off the ground at the same instant.

“We had been sitting in a group on the beach for some time photographing the bears with fish, scenic shots and playing cubs.

“Eventually this mum and her cubs wondered into our area. We watched mum catch some fish and share scraps with the cubs before leaving them to themselves.

Harold Klein/Caters News

“Then this other bear moved towards the cubs, and on its third approach the chase exploded right in front of us with water, gravel and sand flying everywhere.

“These pictures show a glimpse into the life one morning of an Alaskan brown bear family of a mum and her two spring cubs.

Harold Klein/Caters News

“Life is intimate and tender when mum is resting or nursing her cubs, hilarious when the cubs are wrestling, but moments later the rosy outlook is shattered by terrifying, life-threatening situations for the family.”