Bay and monkey are best friends in adorable video

A baby and monkey have become unlikely friends.

The girl struck up the unique friendship when the monkey strayed into her family’s home.

Initially the parents were shocked to see the wild animal in their home and near the child.

But their fear soon gave way to amazement when the monkey and baby began playfully interacting.

After family members refused to believe that the child had formed an unbreakable bond with the monkey, they filmed the pairs incredible interactions.

Mobile phone footage shows the pair kissing, hugging and playing together in Yamunagar in Haryana, India.

The video footage of the pair has attracted national attention in India

The video footage of the pair has attracted national attention in India

Locals have reported that the monkey acts like a surrogate mother to the baby girl – even picking nits from her just like it would its own babies.

The baby’s father, Sultan Singh, said: “About six months ago the child was playing at the house and a monkey came to play with her.

“When we see this moment everybody was full of fear, but we were surprised when we saw that the monkey played like a friend of the baby.

“Now we keep the monkey as a pet. It plays the role of the mother with the child, kissing and giving food to the child to eat.”

The video footage of the pair has since attracted national attention in India, being featured on a number of Hindi language channels.

And the family have decided to adopt the monkey full-time, caring for it at their rural home.

Sultan Singh added: “The child’s mother is happy sharing the role of mother. The monkey is now a part of our family.”