Battle of the sexes – Lioness has almighty battle with lion

 By Charlotte Regen

Watch as a male lion enrages a lioness, causing her to attack him in an incredible display of power.

The two lions go back and forth, with the lion initially landing a slap on his female counterpart – but the lioness has the last laugh, when she manages to slap back a further eight times, leaving the lion to quietly retreat.

Although the reason for the fight is not captured on camera, it is thought that the lioness became jealous after the male mated with another female in the enclosure.

Suzanne Scott, South Africa, took the footage at the GG Conservation Lion Reserve & Sanctuary in Harrismith, South Africa.

Suzanne said: “The two lionesses – Fonda and Suzie – had just been moved in with Aslan, who’s male, and when lions first move in together they often fight to establish a new hierarchy.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“The lions did not hurt each other physically even though it may appear that way – but maybe Aslans’ pride was hurt!

“When they moved in together Aslan immediately mated with Suzie, and as Fonda is a dominant female we think she possibly got a bit jealous.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“We have seen small fights before between males and females, and it’s usual for the females to submit to the male in these circumstances, but Fonda didn’t want to back down and gave him a run for his money!

“I was quite proud of Fonda for standing up to Aslan, he appeared to be quite shocked that she had retaliated the way she did.”

PIC FROM Caters News