Battle of the big cats: Lion chases leopard up tree after safari hunt

It’s the battle of the big cats – a lion has been caught chasing a leopard up a tree during a safari hunt.

The images – which show a lion chasing a leopard across the open Eastern African plain –  capture the moment the leopard narrowly escapes being the lion’s lunch by climbing a tree – before the lion follows.

Derick Benezet Kaijage, 40, an assistant manager at Asilia Safari Park took the photos as he laid breakfast for guests near the Mara river, in Serengeti, Tanzania.

Derick added:  “I always carry my camera to ensure I don’t miss anything.

PIC BY Derick Benezet Kaijage / CATERS NEWS

“The leopard climbed a tree for security but to the leopard’s surprise, the lion did too.”

Luckily for the leopard, the lion seemed to regret its decision to scale the tree and soon retreated.

Derick added: “It was unbelievable to watch and photograph.”

Lions are known to hunt and kill leopards in the wild, with the advantage of lions being pack hunters over the solitary leopard.

Luckily for the leopard on this occasion, the athletic big cat’s climbing skills won out