Basket case – Dogs ‘drift’ through the park

PIC FROM Caters News 

These dogs are real basket cases – as they appear to fly through the air with balloons.

The super cute photos show the inquisitive looking pooches enjoying a ‘drift’ through the park.

While some peer nervously into the camera, others regally perch their paws on the basket’s edge.

The idea was the brainchild of Russian photographer Anna Averianova.

PIC BY Anna Averianova/ Caters News

She said: “I have been photographing pets from my childhood but professionally for about six years. We have always had pets in my family and it’s probably this that inspired me.

“I love photographing animals because they are sincere, true and not posing. Of course sometimes it is not easy at all – especially when an animal is too active.

“The idea would be even cooler if the balloon was able to lift the dogs, but unfortunately then I would need an absolutely gigantic balloon.

PIC BY Anna Averianova/ Caters News

“That’s why I used a chair and some processing techniques.

“I was lucky to have very patient dogs this time. Their owner is my colleague and also a pet photographer, so the dogs are already experienced models.”

The dogs are all toy terriers, called Yan, Gold, Tiger and Bonny.

PIC BY Anna Averianova/ Caters News