Bark kent or super pug? Pooch has heroic change into superhero

Pic by Sebastian Smetham/Caters News

Here comes superpug!

The hilarious pooch can be seen dressed as Bark Kent, before descending into a ‘telephone box’ and revealing his true identity as Super Pug!

Seen happily obliging, Bandito the seven-year-old pug can’t get enough of his by-night roll.

And owner, Sebastian Smetham, hasn’t stopped at just Superman.

Sebastian said: “We make these videos all the time.

“They don’t take long to make and Bandito loves getting involved.

Pic by Sebastian Smetham/Caters News

“He sees we are doing something and always comes to check it out.

“He’s well behaved but I think we have created a little monster, but that’s his personality!

“He is very free to do what he wants so we just have to laugh at his choices sometimes.”